custom in ear monitors
I specialise in taking impressions for and supplying  Custom In-Ear Monitoring systems, custom earphones, noise protection earplugs and coms systems.
I work closely with the IEM manufacturers to make sure my impressions are what they need to make the best fitting monitors they can.

I am based in Chesham in Buckinghamshire.
Your ear impressions can be taken at your home or place of work or you can come to me if you prefer. Appointments can be made for daytime or evening including weekends. Although I'm normally gigging Fridays and Saturday evenings.

Ash Taking Impressions
Andy Burrows Drummer Tom Odell

I can provide the perfect In-Ear Monitors  for Singers, Guitarists, Bass players, Drummers, Keyboard players, Strings, Brass, in fact anyone who wants the best sound whatever they play, or even if you after the ultimate in listing experience. Please check out the online shop.

Feel free to give me a call and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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Chrissie from The Shires
 Taking ear impressions is classed as a medical procedure which requires appropriate training and insurance.

It's always best to have your ears checked for wax before coming for your impressions, (they can do this at your GP) it could save you a wasted  journey.
Trying to do the ear impressions yourself will almost guarantee you will be unhappy with your new monitors or earplugs.

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Perfect Ear Impressions

My Ear Impressions 

can be used by all manufacturers to make any custom in-ear product.
I use the best impression materials I can find to make the most stable impressions that are easy to work with to ensure the best fitting monitors and earplugs. 
I also have a video otoscope so you can see in your own ears, If you want to!!


Do you work in music education? Would you like me to come and talk to your students about hearing protection and the perils of tinnitus?
I have a 40 minute talk with a powerpoint and audio examples of tinnitus if required and can talk about my own experiences dealing with extreme noise and tinnitus in the music industry and legal limits for noise in the workplace.
I can offer the students the opportunity to have ear impressions taken and buy custom earplugs or In-Ear Monitors at a special discount student rate.
For more infomation or to book me please give me a call on 07909 923 573 or email: 


Do you work in a noisy environment? 8 hours + of noise every day is very draining let alone bad for your hearing and can cause tinnitus! Why not treat yourself to some peace and quiet at work with some comfortable custom fitted earplugs? Much more user and environmentally friendly than the foam disposable ones and over the long term Cheaper too! Not only that, but because they are attenuated it makes it easer to have a conversation/follow instructions with them in.

Have a word with your boss, there are health and safety requirements in noisy work places and we do discounts for multiple orders.

Click here for options.

Can I Help?

If you need any advice or help choosing your monitoring system or earplugs, please give me a call, or try the online chat at the bottom left of the screen, I'm always happy to help.

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I can take your impressions almost anywhere, (within reason) at home or work, rehearsal rooms, venue, costa etc, (I'll have a latte!) wherever is most convenient.


View from a Pro!

As an IEM manufacturer working with the impressions Ash has taken for me they are brilliant, very knowledgeable about the service and how impressions should be taken and would definitely recommend :)

Lewie Winters (Hear Wave)

U2Baby Dates
One of my regular bands is U2Baby, if you like U2 we are well worth checking out! We are all big fans and this comes across in our shows
There is a list on the image of our upcoming public performances coming up if are intrested, click on the image for the full list. Click here to see a fantastic review in Hot Press Magazine of our recent gigs in Dublin.
Please visit our site for more info and click  to visit and like our FaceBook Page.

Plugem link
Check out this tinnitus support resource and see all the famous people from the music industry you know who are suffering. Get your earplugs here!

I was asked to write a short blog for the Plug'em campaign. You can find it here, please take a look and then share it all over social media to rase the profilee of this very important project.

Intresting bits and bobs from the world of ears.

James Henton, Rockin the green gloop

A peice on the Shure blog.
Obviously you should come back here to buy your Monitors!!!

The Benefits Of A Silent Stage

Another good peace on the 64 Audio blog with the band Chicago who have given up using amps on stage alltogether!

For When You Need A Great Impression.

 Stop Presss!

The fantastic custom earplug for shooting
I'm pleased to let you know I have started stocking custom in ear products for shooting, click here for more infomation

 Stop Presss!

The fantastic custom earplug for £79.99
A Fantastic New earplug to the market! I have secured them at the amazing price of £85 or £110 with impressions taken here.
Not only is there is a choice of colours, they also come with a 3 year warranty! You wont find better than that!

Got generics, want customs?

Custom Sleeves for your headphones

Custom sleeve moulds, a quick, easy and economic way to convert your geniric monitors, earbuds or Apple Headphones into custom fit ones!!

!!Music Lovers!!

Festival goers, Clubbers and party animals, you all need to look after your ears, get yourself a decent set of attenuating earplugs to protect your ears. And they soung great too!

!!Did You Know!!

I can also supply and fit a whole range of shooting, Swimming, sleep plugs. presenters earpieces and industral hearing protection.  Please contact me for more details.


The product that you never knew you needed is finally Here!! Read all about the REV33.

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If you have piercings and are worried about your monitors or earplugs not fitting or having to take the piercings out altogether. Do not worry, we can incorporate them into the impressions and then into your monitors or plugs.

Can you hear me?

Check Your Hearing

The History Of...

Keep warm!

a marvellous muffler to keep you warm

As we all know, especally for singers, being cold is not great for our performance, I have one of these and its amazing!!

Check out the website at: