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  • electronic custom molded shooting ear defenders

With an integrated microphone system that shields against dangerous noise levels, the user can choose between four different programmes, consisting of : Game, Clay, Social and Competition/Mute shooting.
This gives the wearer the ability to have enhanced noise settings tuned to the environment they are shooting in, safe in the knowlege that as soon as the gun is fired there will be a complete block against external noise within a fraction of a second.

ear plugs for shotguns

Unique design unlike any other digital product on the market, the latest digital technology is incorporated inside of the custom fit ear piece, giving a less obtrusive look and better protection for the electronics inside.

This puts the CF Digital at the forefront of digital electronic earplug design, with everything encased in the soft silicone mould, allowing ultimate comfort and subtlety when in use.

Tech Specs:

  • Build Material – 40 Shore Medical Grade Silicone
  • Hi Grade Electronics with Push Button Program and Battery Door
  • 4 Different Programmes designed for Game, Clay and Social Shooting.
  • Mould Type – Full Concha
  • Colour – Clear as standard
  • Left/Right Ear Indication Dots

What's In The Box:

  • Custom Moulded CF Digital (pair)
  • Custom Fit Guards Pocket Pouch
  • User Guide
  • Wax Pick with Magnet
  • Pack of 312 Batteries (6)
  • Ear Lubricant
  • 1 Year Warranty

Recomended for:

  • Game
  • Clay
  • Rifle
  • Compitition