ACS Pro Series Earplugs

ACS Pro Earplugs

The PRO series are level attenuating earplugs. The filters are vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available. I can personally vouch for these as I use them all the time. The sound quality of these plugs is about as natural as you can get with no loss of top end like cheap plugs. As a long term sufferer of tinnitus I wish that these had been available when I was in my teens so that I could have avoided the damage I have done to my ears as a result of playing at and attending many gigs without adequate protection.

These are an absolute must for anyone finding themselves in a noisy environment. They come in various noise level reductions for different applications so there will definitely be one that is perfect for you.. Feel free to contact me for more info and advice.

£4.50 Postage (set by manufacturer)

Ear Impressions

Perfect Ear Impressions

Currently offering Ear Impressions for the cut price of £15 with these earplugs! (depending on location).

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As this is a custom product, these earplugs are made to order, The current time is approximately 14 days. 

You also need to contact me to arrange a convenient time to have your impressions taken.


  • Attenuation levels; 15dB, 17dB, 20dB, 26dB and 27dB 
  • Material: comfortable medical grade silicone

What's Included

  • Custom Moulded PRO Series Ear Plugs (Clear) 
  • Fitting and cleaning guides 
  • Handy Carry Pouch 
  • Wax cleaning tool


  • Lanyard 
  • Engraving 
  • Choice of colours

Student discount

we offer a student discount on these earplugs on production of a valid student card.