Elacin ER Custom Earplugs

Elacin ER Custom Earplugs

Elacin ER custom earplugs have a choice of filter (9, 15 or 25dB), designed to attenuate all frequencies at the same level. . This means Elacin ER's let you hear as naturally as possable, but at a safer level.
Elacin ER earplugs are perfect for musicians who want to be protected from loud music exposure, but still hear whats going on. These plugs are custom-made, and fit deep into the ear canal to give the best comfort and attenuation. Available in clear finish only.

£4.50 Postage (set by manufacturer)

Ear Impressions

Perfect Ear Impressions

Currently offering Ear Impressions for the cut price of £15 with these earplugs! (depending on location).

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As this is a custom product, these earplugs are made to order, The current time is approximately 14 days.

You also need to contact me to arrange a convenient time to have your impressions taken.


Available In 3 Levels Of Attenuation:

  • ER-9 (9dB, ideal for vocalists, acoustic or classical musicians and sound engineers)
  • ER-15 (15dB, suitable for most musicians)
  • ER-25 (25dB, ideal for very loud environments)

User Options:

  • Laser marked personal ID

Supplied With:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Presentation pouch
  • Comfort cream
  • Free Delivery!