Love Your CF Earplugs!

Designed for Musicians, DJs, concert goers, clubbers and anyone in noisy enviorements. 

The CF is advanced custom hearing protection and offers outstanding protective performance of an industry leading filter in a discrete miniature package. Designed specifically for any noisy environment , it provides state of the art hearing protection whilst maintaining clarity of sound and a flat filter responce. The combination of medical grade silicone and a high quality filter gives a reduction in occlusion and irritation within the ear canal, maximising user comfort.

The CF  conforms to EN352-2:2002 European Standards.
The CF  can be adapted for the environment it is going to be used in. With many options to choose from including acoustic filters (subject to protection level needed), grips and cording, the CF  can be tailored to the type of industry’s needs. All of which are a free of charge service.

  • The fantastic custom earplug for £79.99
  • Ear plug fitted


As this is a custom product, these earplugs are made to order, The current time is approximately 14 days.

You also need to contact me to arrange a convenient time to have your impressions taken.

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  • Build Material – 40 Shore Medical Grade Silicone

  • Mould Type – Canal Mould

  • Colour – Clear as standard

  • Left/Right Ear Indication Dots

Colour Options

Fantastic £79.99 custom made earplugs

These are the standard colour options.

Whats in the box:

  • Custom Moulded CF earplugs 
  • Pocket Case
  • User Guide
  • Wax Pick
  • 3 Year Warranty!