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Having developed the Music and Vocal version we discovered the need for an extended dynamic range cable. The work on the BaX cable began and the Dual Twist was born.
Recommended for High End Audio Listening
Low crosstalk
Available in Lenght of 127 cm (50") (2Pin and MMCX is also available in lenght of 162 cm (64"))
Available with a 2Pin connector
BaX is a high-end reference cable, delivering the music with amazing precision, impact and dynamics. Its stereo imaging capabilities light up the farthest corners of the sound picture in all dimensions.

Linum cable data sheet

The Linum BaX acts a bit like a "loudness" button! The highs and lows have been lifted which improves the dynamic range of your IEM! The lower the impedance of your IEMs the more influence the Linum® cable will have on the sound. Crosstalk is minimized on the BaX due to the dual twisted cables.

The Bax cable has become many of our customers go to cable. For those who find the BaX to botton heavy, the Linum Music version may be more suited.

Linum® Cable Technology

Linum® cables are designed and manufactured by estron a/s. estron a/s is market leader in wire and cable solutions for the hearing aid industry.

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Robust Design
  • Low Mass
  • Best Possible Materials
  • All parts are manufactured on our specifically designed equipment and assembled at our facilities in China.

We supply the most popular connector types: 2 Pin, MMXC and we believe the most innovative connector type developed in years, the T2.

Linum© Music

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The music version is Linum's first born. The resaulting cable was and still is their favorite sound signature today.