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The music version is Linum's first born. The resaulting cable was and still is their favorite sound signature today.
Recommended as all-round solution for listening, rocking out on stage and Studio work.
Helps avoid fatigue from many hours In-Ear Monitor use.
The sound picture of Music is open and grandiose. Micro dynamics and ambience will be evident when listening to complex soundscapes. It reaches a high degree of definition in the perspective. It is true to the music with tremendous clarity. 

Linum Music Data Sheet

 *Well adjusted for live stage monitoring:The idea behind Linum Music was to develop a cable that would meet the needs for those who use In-Ear Monitors in a professional capacity for hours on end every day. The key focus is reducing Fatigue. If you use your Monitors consistently and experience fatigue, these cables should help to reduce the problem.

Linum® Cable Technology

Linum® cables are designed and manufactured by estron a/s. estron a/s is market leader in wire and cable solutions for the hearing aid industry.

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Robust Design
  • Low Mass
  • Best Possible Materials
  • All parts are manufactured on our specifically designed equipment and assembled at our facilities in China.

We supply the most popular connector types: 2 Pin, MMXC and we believe the most innovative connector type developed in years, the T2.

Linum© BaX

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Having developed the Music version we discovered the need for an extended dynamic range cable. The work on the BaX cable began and the Dual Twist was born.