ACS Revivo

  • ASC Revivo
  • ASC Revivo

ACS Revivo is a rechargeable electronic case designed to remove the harmful moisture and bacteria that can penetrate into In-Ear Monitors and earplugs.

The high-speed fan circulates air inside the Revivo case to capture moisture via the replaceable silica gel desiccant sachet. Titanium dioxide and UV reactions generate hydroxyl radicals and negative oxygen ions to both sterilise and sanitise the devices.

Cleaning cycles can be set  from 3 to 30 hours to ensure a good clean and dry making moisture and hygiene issues a thing of the past.

£3.50 postage.

Check out this video on the Revivo from ACS

Whats in the box?

  • ACS Revivo
  • Micro USB Charging Cord
  • Desiccant Capsule
  • 10 Pack Desiccant Capsules
  • User Instructions


Moisture is your monitors mortal enemy, it can ruin the drivers fairly quickly. so do not suck them, lick them or wash them! Clean them with a dry cloth.
Your ears are quite a sweaty place when you are jumping around on stage and without propper care the sound quality can drop and in extreme cases stop working all together.

What do I think?

This is my chosen drier, it does a fantastic job of keeping my monitors clean and dry. It even revived a pair of IEM's I had given up on!!

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