Rev33 Pro 110 Red

  • REV33 Red
  • REV33 Red
  • REV33 Red
  • REV33 Red Sennheiser
  • REV33 Red Sennheiser wireless pack
  • Rev33 Pro 110 Red Tuned For:
  • Rev33 Pro 110 Red Tuned For:
  • Rev33 Pro 110 Red Tuned For:
  • REV33 Red
  • REV33 Red Shure Wireless IEMs
  • Rev33 Pro 110 Red Shure Wireless Pack
  • Rev33 Pro 110 Red Shure wireless iems
  • Rev33 Pro 110 Red Shure iems
  • REV33 Red Shure radio pack
  • REV33 Red shure wireless iems
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REV33 Pro 110 Red, Tuned For:

AKG Q350

Alclair Curve

Audio Technica ATH-CKM500 - Audio Technica ATH-CKX5iS

Boqari Q1

Brainwavz R3 - Brainwavz S1

Cosmic Ears CE3P

Denon AH-C360 - Denon AH-C551 - Denon AH-C560R - Denon AH-C710

Etymotic mc3

Fidue A63 - Fidue A81

Final Audio Design Adagio III

HiFiMAN RE-600

HiSound Audio Crystal - HiSound Audio Golden Crystal - HiSound Audio Hiphone HP4 - HiSound Audio Wooduo

JH Audio JH16 Pro

Maximo iMetal iM590

MEElectronics M6 Pro

Meze 11 Deco

Monster Beats Tour - Monster Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude - Monster JamzMonster Lady Gaga - Monster Miles Davis Tribute - Monster Turbine - Monster Turbine Pro Copper - Monster Turbine Pro Gold

Narmoo R1M Black Ports - Narmoo R1M Gun Metal Ports - Narmoo R1M Silver Ports

Nocs NS200 - Nocs NS400

Noontech Rio

Nuforce - Optoma NE-600x - Nuforce - Optoma NE-700M

Ostry KC06

Panasonic HJE120

Paradigm Shift E1 - Paradigm Shift E3m

Phillips SME3580

Polk Audio UltraFit 300 - Polk Audio UltraFit 3000


RHA MA350 - RHA MA450i - RHA MA600 - RHA MA750

Sennheiser CX280 - Sennheiser IE 800 - Sennheiser IE4 - Sennheiser IE6

Sennheiser MM 70i

Sensaphonics 2XS

Shure SE112 - Shure SE215 - Shure SE315 - Shure SE425

Signature Acoustics Elements C12

Skullcandy Holua

Sony MDR-7550

Spider Realvoice

Steelseries Flux In Ear 

Thermaltake Isurus

Thinksound ts01

Torque t103z all TorqueValve filters

Ultimate Ears U350 - Ultimate Ears UE500

Velodyne vPulse

Vsonic VC02

Westone ADV - Westone UM Pro 10
Alternate, Pro Studio Wired:Alclair Curve

Cosmic Ears CE3P

JH Audio JH16 Pro

MEElectronics M6 Pro

Sensaphonics 2XS

What the REV33 Pro Does:

  • Reduces distortion current caused by the changing impedance of the Monitors driver as it moves.
  • Distortion current created by the driver movement id reduced.
  • Reduces microphonic current.
  • Reduces ultrasonic noise produced by an amplifier of other noise sources.
  • Matches the impedance to your model of In-Ear Monitors or headphones.

What the REV33 Pro Does Not Do:

  • The REV33 Pro is passive so no processing, compressing, or limiting.
  • The REV33 Pro does not filter the music in any way.

Results of using a REV33 Pro:

  • Less ear fatigue after a show/rehearsal
  • More accurate sonic detail, warmer, richer, less harsh and more content.

REV33 Pro Box Includes:

  • Your New REV33 Pro
  • Short link cable to connect you REV33 to your sound source via 3.5mm mini jack.
  • Real Leather holster to attach the REV33 Pro to your receiver pack.

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