Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow

  • REV33 Yellow
  • REV33 Yellow
  • REV33 Yellow
  • REV33 Yellow Sennheiser iems
  • REV33 Yellow shure iems
  • Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow
  • Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow
  • REV33 Yellow sennheiser iems
  • Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow
  • REV33 Yellow SHure wireless
  • Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow shure iems
  • Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow shure
  • Rev33 Pro 130 Yellow shure
  • REV33 Yellow shure wireless iems
  • REV33 Yellow wireless iems
£7 Postage

REV33 Pro 130 Yellow, Tuned For:

1964 Ears A8

Apple iPhone 5/6 Earbuds

Audio Technica ATH-M70x - Audio-Technica ATH-M50 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50s - Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Bowers and Wilkins C5

CAD Audio MH100

Cardas EM5813

Comradz NW Studio - Comradz NW Studio Pro

Fischer Audio Tandem

Focal Classic Pro - Focal Spirit Professional

Future Sonics G10 - Future

Sonics Atrio

Futuresonics mg5pro - Futuresonics mg6pro

Grado eGrado - Grado RS1i - Grado SR60e

Harmon Kardon AE - Harmon Kardon NI


Kicker Cush Talk

KRK KNS-8400

LiveWires Quad Driver

Magnat LZR980

Monoprice 8320

Numark HF125

Onkyo IE-HF300S

Phiaton Moderna MS200 - Phiaton PS20 - Phiaton PS210

Phillips Fidello S1 - Phillips TX1 - Phillips TX2

PNY Midtown - PNY Uptown

PreSonus HD7

Sennheiser MX560

Shure E3C

Skull Candy Hesh

Sony MDR-7502 - Sony MDR-EX1000 - Sony MDR-EX600 - Sony MDR-ZX660

Tascam TH-200X - Tascam TH-300X

TDK MT300T-Peos Popular

T-Peos Rich 200T-Peos Spider - T-Peos Tank - T-Peos U200R

Ultimate Ears UE900S+B29

What the REV33 Pro Does:

  • Reduces distortion current caused by the changing impedance of the Monitors driver as it moves.
  • Distortion current created by the driver movement id reduced.
  • Reduces microphonic current.
  • Reduces ultrasonic noise produced by an amplifier of other noise sources.
  • Matches the impedance to your model of In-Ear Monitors or headphones.

What the REV33 Pro Does Not Do:

  • The REV33 Pro is passive so no processing, compressing, or limiting.
  • The REV33 Pro does not filter the music in any way.

Results of using a REV33 Pro:

  • Less ear fatigue after a show/rehearsal
  • More accurate sonic detail, warmer, richer, less harsh and more content.

REV33 Pro Box Includes:

  • Your New REV33 Pro
  • Short link cable to connect you REV33 to your sound source via 3.5mm mini jack.
  • Real Leather holster to attach the REV33 Pro to your receiver pack.