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Ash playing bass with in ear monitors

I have been working as a professional musician for the the last 25 years mainly playing in function bands and as a freelance bass player and more recently performing as Adam Clayton in the U2 Tribute U2Baby. I trained at The London College of Music.

One of my reasons for branching out into the world of Ear Impressions and monitoring was initially to help with my tinnitus, on top of this I have had a fair  few earplugs and Custom In-Ear Monitors made over the years, and like most people went to the local high street audiologist to have my impressions taken. Although I’ve had a couple of good experiences, I have also had some bad ones with the resulting monitors being uncomfortable and some just not staying in! Some impressions even got sent back as unusable.

Ash Taking Impressions

The problem seems to be that the majority of the work the high street guys do is with the deaf and elderly, so the types of impressions they take are more suited to the manufacturing of hearing aid moulds, not so much Custom monitors for musicians, especially singers as they need an open mouth impression so as not to loose seal when singing.
I am in constant contact with various manufacturers of In-Ear Monitors as to best practice, the type of impressions that make the most suitable moulds and the best impression materials to get the best fit.

I have been trained in the techniques of taking
ear impressions and in the diagnosis of conditions in the ear that could cause problems. I hold a British Society of Audiology (BSA) Certificate in impression-taking and also have medical insurance covering the procedure.

After all, if you were getting a new carpet, you’d book a carpet fitter. Getting a new gas boiler? You call a gas fitter. New Tyres? Kwik Fit fitter!  But spend a small fortune on some custom In-Ear Monitors, who do you call?? An optician?? A chemist?? Ghostbusters!!

Remember, your monitors are only as good as the impressions they have been made from!

Bad impressions make monitors that are uncomfortable with a poor acoustic seal, at worst, completely unusable! (Believe me I've had some!!)

So do your ears a favour and if you are treating them to some new monitors, make sure they fit!!

It’s all about making a great impression!


As an IEM manufacturer working with the impressions Ash has taken for me they are brilliant, very knowledgeable about the service and how impressions should be taken and would definitely recommend :)

Lewie Winters (Hear Wave)

Brilliant service and advice given. Ash is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting ear impressions done to give him a call. Thanks Ash

Anna Hines

Amazingly knowledgeable, professional, friendly and definitely knows his stuff! Anyone who wants to get this done, Ashley is the man to go to. Plus, he has a wizards brain when it comes to anything technical and gave me loads of free advice. So glad I've finally got this done and can't wait to get my perfectly shaped in ears!!!

Yildiz Hussein

I Would like to thank Ashley for taking my ear moulds today. In the past I found having the impressions done quite uncomfortable and was dreading today, luckily Ashley made it as painless as possible and the whole process was over in no time. I'm now looking forward to getting my custom moulded IEMs!

Shannon Bedford

Extremely professional and friendly, and someone who clearly has a great amount of passion for doing this correctly. Excellent service, 5 STARS!

Tom Huse

5star. Very good service, Ash came to my home and carried out the fitting service for myself and Ian. He was very diligent and helpful and was a wealth of knowledge particularly as working musicans the protection we need to protect our hearing as long as possible. Thanks Ash!

Fran Beauchamp

Popped over the Ashleys, welcomed by a cute Puppie and a cup of tea…what more can a client ask for. Excellent and swift service and looking forward to receiving my Cosmic Ears. Will review once I've used them and will be recommending Ashley of 'Love your Ears' to fellow muso's. Top job mate!

Howie Rogers

Great service, great guy! Cheers Ashley, 5 stars.

Matt McConnon

Very friendly 'pain' free service from a clearly knowledgeable person. Thank you Ash.

Luke Grove

Currently playing regularly with:

Me as Adam Clayton  U2Baby

Did You Know?

  • Tinnitus can be very debilitating, believe me I know, I've been suffering with it for the past 30 years! There is currently no cure and it can impact on your whole life! Making it difficult to sleep and concentrate, imagine never being able to simply enjoy silence. Don't take a chance with your hearing, get protection!
  • Not only can Custom In-Ear Monitors when used correctly help save your hearing, they can also help save your back!! No stage monitors to carry about!
  • They also do wonders for your front of house sound as you don't get all the sound from the stage wedges bouncing off the back wall muddying up your mix!

Cosmic Ears (CE6P)

Cosmic Ears 6 Driver IEM

These are my regular gigging monitors, in my opinion one of the best sounding IEMs on the market today!!