Ear Impressions

What are ear impressions?

Perfect Ear Impressions

Ear impressions are a model of the  complete interior of your ears! They reproduce the shape of your ears using a medical grade silicone, which is crucial to the building of your perfect fitting custom In-Ear Monitors and Earplugs!

Why are ear impressions so important?

Your pair of custom In-Ear Monitors, earplugs are built based on the ear impressions that are made by injecting a hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone into your ears. If the ear impressions are poorly made, it will result in poor fit, poor comfort, poor isolation and poor sound quality, which can greatly affect the usefulness of your custom In-Ear product.

The ear impressions process looks easy! Why should I choose to have a professional produce them?

ears ready for ear impressions

To start with everybody's ears are different:

custom in ear monitors

Which means everybody’s in-ears will be different:

The process of taking the ear impression:

  1.  An assessment is made to see if your ears are suitable to make ear impressions (clean ears with no wounds!)
  2. An otostop (sponge stopper) is inserted into your ears, just past the 2nd bend of your ear canal.
  3. The two part silicone mixture is mixed and inserted into a syringe.
  4. The mixture is then injected into your ears, including the exterior shell, with your mouth held in an open jaw position with a special block.
  5.  After a about four minutes the silicone cures and the ear impressions are removed.
workings of the ear

It's best to get your impressions taken by a professional, to give you peace of mind that the process is safe, the ear impressions are perfectly made and to give you the best fitting custom In-Ear Monitors and greatly reduce the chances of them needing refitting.
In order to assure the best fit for your custom earphones or earplugs, it’s a good idea to have fresh impressions taken each time you buy a new custom product.
While relatively stable, custom ear impressions are, by their nature, temporary. Even the best professional impressions will shrink slightly over time, compromising earphone fit. In addition, the size and shape of a person’s ear canals change over time, especially with changes in body mass.

Before I come for my ear Impressions, 
is there anything I should do?

It is always a good idea to get your ears checked out with your doctor before coming to get your impressions, it prevents a wasted trip if there is something that will prevent me being able to take a good impression.
Common reasons for not being able to take the impressions include excessive earwax and minor infections. If you have had any surgery on your ears, have any known abnormalities, grommets etc, please let me know when you book your appointment.

What does it involve?

Dasy Dance

The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes, involves no pain (apart from looking a bit silly with a bite block in your mouth!) and can be done virtually anywhere.
I can take 2 sets if you like and hang on to one, just in case they get lost or squashed in the post or you decide you just need a second pair of monitors or some hearing protection. I will give them to you in a purpose made posting box ready to be sent to the In-Ear Monitor manafacturer of your choice.

What your ear impressions shouldn't look like!

These were all taken by High Street Audiologists and are of no use for making Custom In-Ear Monitors!!
  • ear impressions
  • Ear Impressions
  • Bad ear impressions

Book Ear Impressions.

Ear Impressions

Did You Know?

  • Your ears are one of the only parts of your body that never stop growing!! as does your nose (yep it's true!) which is why you may find that after 3 or 4 years the seal on your IEMs may not be a good as they once were. Not to worry as you can have them re-shelled using new impressions, keeping all the internal components.

Did you know?

  • If you have piercings and are worried about your monitors or earplugs not fitting or having to take the piercings out altogether. Do not worry, we can incorporate them into the impressions and then into your product.
  • In-Ear Monitors are usually made from either a hard acrylic or soft silicone. Both have their benefits but usually it boils down to a personal preference. (After using both, my preference is for acrylics).
  • Always keep your monitors clean and use the tool provided to clear the wax and other gunk from the sound holes. This will help prolong their life and keep them sounding as good as new. Don't worry if you lose the tool as I sell them in the shop.
  • Remember moisture is your monitors enemy, it can ruin the drivers fairly quickly. so do not suck them, lick them or wash them!! Clean them with a dry cloth. I keep a silica pack in with mine to keep them dry (that's the little white bag of granules you find in the box of a new eletronic gizmo). I also use the ACS Revivo to make sure they are always in tip top condition and sounding their best.
  • You can buy silica gel packs, along with specialist iem driers in the shop.

Payment options:

  • I can accept all major debit/credit cards, paypal, online transfer and good old fashioned cash!
  • Group discounts available.
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