Custom In-Ear Monitors

Cosmic Ears Monitors

Cosmic Ears MOnitors Black

Cosmic's products are designed to deliver sound that has previously been reserved for professionals.
Each product looks incredible, fits amazingly well and once heard you’ll never want to go back to another style of earphones. Amazing IEMs! I have a set of the 6's and would never leave home without them!!

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CIEM Monitors

Custom in ear monitor

Our  in ear monitors give musicians and audiophiles the opportunity to hear the true benefit of soft silicone custom in ear monitors, with a unique combination of drivers giving a clear and defined sound. 

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Hear Wave Monitors.

Hear Wave IEM's

Hear Wave Pro range of custom In-ear monitors are available in custom acrylic shells with detachable cables. Available in dual and triple driver configuations.
Bassed in east London, Lewie takes great pride in his fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. I have a pair of the 3 driver IEM's with a beautiful wood veneer top, lovely Monitors.

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ProGuard Monitors

Proguard P2+1 Reference In-Ear Monitor3
A Farly new player in the Custom Iem field, I have a set of their 2+1's and I have to say I was really supprised just how good they are! Also great value for money.

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Puretone Monitors

Micro Monitor Classic 3
Micro Monitor Classics offer excellent sound quality, response and reliability.. Their client list reads like a who's who in the rock and pop world. A bit like the SM58 of the In-Ear World.

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Custom Sleeves:

Custom Fitted sleeves for your earbuds

Have you ever wished you favourite earbuds or generic In Ear Monitors fitted better? then these may be the solution!
Custom fitted sleeves for your current monitors. 

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Did you know?

  • Jerry Harvey (born 1961) is an American sound engineer who came up with the idea   of customized dual-speaker in-ear monitors in 1995. 

Did you know?

  • If you are planning on getting a wireless system for your new In-Ear Monitors, make sure you check the frequency range it transmits on and is ok for use in the UK.
  • The UK frequency range is 863 to 865mhz. There are other frequencies you can use but they require you to buy a licence.
  • More Uk frequency info.