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In Ear monitors:

custom in ear monitors

A fantastic range of In-Ear Monitors from British manufacturers.

Models to suit every pocket and occasion.

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Hearing Protection:

Custom earplugs

Custom and generic earplugs to help keep the noise down!

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IEM Accessories

All those handy bits and bobs, you can never find and a few you never knew existed!!

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Cables, Connectors, Wraps and the like:

old school cable exterder

Headphone extender cables, adaptors, IEM cables and related products.

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Rev33 Buy Here

The Fantastic new product thats taking the IEM world by storm! 

I love this product so much I just had to bring it to you.

The Rev33 reduces ear fatigue and helps with the effects of short term tinnitus. I won't gig without mine now!

More info here.

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Shop info:

More products will be added all the time so its always worth popping back to see what's new. I can get most things relating to ears In-Ear Monitors and earplugs, so if its not on the site yet it always worth contacting me to see if I can get it for you.


  • Postage costs can be such a pain and I am trying to work it out so that it is cost effective for me whilst not being extortionate...
  • Unfortunatly the margins I'm working with are not big enough to offer free postage on all products.
  • I have come up with four price bands working on size and weight etc and one for the restricted items which is unfortunatly high. You are also welcome to come and pick up you order if you are near by.
  • Costs range from  only 99p for the small things and up to £9.99 for the restricted items.
  • The postage costs for the Monitors and earplugs are set by the manufacturers and will be added on the order form.
  • The cost will be on your order form in the check out.

Please take into consideration that all the custom fit products are hand made one offs and delivery times can vary depending on how busy they are.