How Loud Is Too Loud?

How Good Are Your Ears?

Check Your Hearing

Try this nifty little test from action from hearing loss and see if your ears are tickety boo!

It's all Rock 'N' Roll

I know we all like it loud! There is nothing better than being able to feel the music, the power of it moves you to the core. It's how music should be heard. Bass rattling your fillings, guitars cutting like the sharpest knives, the drums pounding at your chest and the keys... well filling all the empty space and the vocals soaring, taking you on an emotional journey through lifes ups and downs pulling you here and there and everywhere. Sorry getrting a bit carried away there! But what I'm trying so say is the best way to listen to music is loud!! 

But unforunatly not for your ears, they like it quiet! not so quiet you have to strain to hear it but certainly not with your trousers flapping with the bass. Take a look at the chart to your right, it give an idea of what volumes are safe and for how long, (as in before it causes permanant damage to your ears!) and then take a look at the video to your left, I think you'll be in for a bit of a supprise!

How Loud is Loud?

A video of a sound meter next to a running tap!!

Ok you've scared me, what now?

First, don't panic! there are plenty of things you can do to protect your ears from damage. The first thing you need to work out is when the volume is too loud, for instance, when you go to watch a action film at the cinema you would think that the volume would be at a safe level, not so, the average volume is in excess of 100db, have a look on the chart to see how long you should be exposed to those levels. I'm not suggesting you should use earplugs when you go to the movies but just think about how loud it is in a club an environment that you may think is noisy you should definatly think abut using some sort of protection. Take a look at the hearing protection page to see some products that will help.

Ok Plugs are great but what about when i'm using my In-Ear monitors?

Pile of Rev33's
Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you, The REV33! the only product on the market that cleans your sound whilst not affecting it, giving greater clarity at lower volumes and removing all the non musical artefacts produced by the drivers, cables and other components in the signal chain that can cause fatigue and other hearing problems.
Give it a go, you won't be sorry!!

Volume Chart

volume chart

did you know?

One of the biggest causes of tinnitus in the young at the moment is listening to their phones/mp3 players headphones too loud, the pressure caused by the excessive volume will cause damage to the inner ear very quickly and is permanent! Best remedy is to get a better isolating set of headphones/monitors so you don't have to have them so loud to drown out the outside noise, customs work very well for this.