The Rev33, Don't go on stage without one!!

Love Your Ears REV33

The REV33 is a fantastic new product from a seriously bright bunch of guys from Texas, USA. The REV33 works to reduce the fatigue your ears can feel while listening to or performing music, using In-Ear Monitors or headphones. This unique system takes away distortions you didn't even know were there! Resulting in a cleaner clearer sound. without using any processing of the audio signal itself.
I know I'll never step on stage without mine again!!


Over 300 different models of IEMs and headphones have been through our laboratory, measured and matched, perfectly tuned to the right REV33. At the moment, there are 13 different REV33s which are denoted by code and colour. It is of upmost importance that for the best listening experience, you have the right Rev33.

REV33 (what it does) Explained :

Rev33 Wave Files

The interaction between all amps and speakers, including all in-ear-monitors and headphones, generate damaging, noise and distortion that results in a temporary degradation of hearing.  This is referred to as Temporary Threshold Shift, it's your body telling you its too loud! which  makes your hearing feel as if it's being compressed or shutting down.
The REV33 job is to reduces these noises and distortions from the audio without processing it, this results in dramatically reducing the symptoms of tempory tinnitus, ear-ringing, ear-fatigue, buzzing and dampened hearing.

REV33 (What it Doesn’t) Process your Audio:


People always think when you hear a change in  an audio signal that it's being processed in some way or another. The REV33 does almost all of its work in the opposite direction of the music.  It naturally separates the audio signal from distortion which means there is no need to  process the sound, it is all about maintaining the integril quality of the signal by managing the electrical relationship between the sound source and the drivers in your monitors.

Don't take my word for it!

Here are people from bands you've heard of (maybe?) telling you how it is with the REV33!

How to find your Rev33:

Just type the make and model of your Monitor/headphones into the search box above to find your colour.

Alternativly visit the Rev33 product page to pick your Rev.

Or give me a call on 07909 923 573 and I'll help you pick your match.

REV33, Just like Glasses for your Ears!

Rockin' the REV33 with U2Baby

Glasses don’t change what the user sees, they correct the path of the light from the source to the eye. The result is that you see more clearly and your eyes are less fatigued from straining (which can damage your eyes). when you get a new prescription it can take a while for your brain to work out this new partnership. The REV33 does the same thing for your ears, it corrects the path of the audio from the source to the monitor driver which in turn is heard by the ear and processed by the brain. The result is a cleaner, less fatiguing sound arriving at your ears.  As with our sense of sight, the brain needs to adjust to this new cleaner sound.