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I really enjoy target shooting (no hunting as I'm a vegetarian!), I find it a great way to relax and as it's something I do with my son, it is also a great bonding excersise. But being a sufferer of tinitus, I need to protect my ears, guns are loud! Even air guns, I recorded mine on the range at 98DB and that's with a silencer fitted. Shot guns are 150db + so ear protection is a must!

I also stock the SENS range of shooters hearing protection and will add them to the site when I have the time. Please for now just give me a call and I can help you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I will do my best to help.

CF Shooting Plugs:

shooting with custom ear plugs

Made in Leamington Spa right here in the UK! Made to a very high specification and very well priced, you get a lot for your money. Being made locally means you get a better level of customer service and a quicker turnaround. In the very unlikely situation that something goes wrong with your plugs, it's a lot easier to return them for repair or replacement under the comprehensive warranty.

CF Plugs Comparision

Please take a look at the chart below to help decide which plugs would be best for you.

which shooting plug is right for me

CF DIGITAL One Step Ahead of the Game.

digital custom molded shooting ear defenders


With an integrated microphone system that shields against dangerous noise levels, you can choose between four different programmes, consisting of : Game, Clay, Social and Competition/Mute shooting.
This gives you the ability to have enhanced noise settings tuned to the environment they are shooting in, safe in the knowlege that as soon as the gun is fired you will have a complete block against external noise within a fraction of a second.


A Marvellous Idea!

a marvellous muffler to keep you warm

We all want to keep warm when we are out and about, these are perfect for shooting as it's made in one peice and has no dangling ends to get in the way. I have one of these and its amazing!!

Check out the website at:

CF Block

total block shooting plug air guns


Completely solid custom ear plugs that reduce approximately 30db of noise.

CF Passive

custom fit passive shooting plugs


Designed for shooting, this pair of custom silicone plugs incorporates passive filters enclosed in a protective housing.More...

CF DUO Filter Innovation

silicone shooting plug


You can choose 2 different levels of ambient awareness dependent on how much environmental sound you wish to hear.